How It Works

Project estimations and projections are some of the most challenging necessities in our line of work. It can be difficult to manage all potential material and labor costs, while adding in accurate buffer for any issues or problems that arise. We have experienced estimators that can identify the scope of work by highlighting plans and providing detailed takeoffs. We can add pricing using proven software, or we can leave the pricing up to you. We are flexible and provide services built to suit your specific needs.

We can take care of all your back end needs so you can get back to doing what you are best at, making great woodwork.

We will cater to the scope your company needs. We can add as little or as much to your estimation report as you need us too. If you are comfortable doing some parts yourself, or have personal specifications you need to follow, we can accommodate. Our goal is to help you create the best representation of your work to deliver to your client.

Feel free to let the experts handle what you would rather not.

Our estimation creation process only uses the best in project management and planning software. We work with Planswift , Bluebeam, Onscreen Takeoff, Innergy, Alliance Millsoft, Microsoft Word and Excel, and Adobe Acrobat to provide you with everything you need to get started. We offer a fully interactive experience, allowing you to make changes or adjustments to your deliverables throughout the whole process. Through this cooperative atmosphere, we provide you with exactly what you need. We are always willing to add different software products to our arsenal to help us prepare you with exactly what you need.

We can highlight drawings and provide Excel spreadsheets with basic quantity takeoffs, or we’ll provide the labor and experience and you can provide your own software, if that works best for you. We can create fillable quantity takeoffs customized to your company’s processes, where all you need to do is plug in your pricing structure. If you require, we can also compile complete pricing structures using your hourly labor rates and chosen markups. We work to make this process as simple for you as possible!

In addition to creating estimates for any current clients, we can also analyze any past estimate deliverables to determine your past efficiency. Looking into your records can provide interesting insights into how you have priced before, and what has worked VS what hasn’t. We can make rate and service recommendations that will help you minimize costs and maximize profits.

Looking into past records can also bring to light different statistics you haven’t been able to look at yet. It is impossible to manage what you can’t measure, so we work to provide something to work with. We may just find some interesting numbers that you can leverage to a more efficient and powerful business.

Our end goal is to make your operation more efficient and more profitable.

We save you time by helping to create high quality and accurate cost estimates, and leaving you open to run your business more effectively. By providing better estimates, we also can increase profits by increasing efficiency, and reducing costs associated with inaccurate estimates. That’s money right back in your pocket that you can use to reinvest back into your business to make it grow.

We are a group of highly experienced woodworkers and contractors who have been around the block more than a few times. We know how this business works, and have built many estimate plans over our careers. Let us bring that expertise to you and your operation to turn it from something good, to something great. Try us out today!

Stop putting in extra work, and let the pros help out!